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Public Health FAQ

  • Where can I find information on the County’s new Smoke-free Ordinance? +

    You can learn more about the new Smoke-free Ordinance at the following link: http://www.vchca.org/smoke-free
  • Who We Are +

    We are educators, nurses, doctors, advocates, planners, researchers who work to create healthier people, families, and communities. We:
    • Monitor our communities' health.
    • Look for health problems and work to solve them.
    • Inform, educate, and empower people to help them make healthy choices and improve their health.
    • Mobilize local groups to improve their environments and get changes made that reduce health risks.
    • Enforce laws and regulations designed to keep our communities healthy.
    • Link people to needed services and to assure they get their needs met.
    • Assure our staff members have the skills to address health needs.
    • Evaluate our services and research ways to improve our communities' health.
  • What We Do +

    We work to empower the community to improve health, promote health and emergency preparedness, and prevent disease, injury, and disability. We protect and promote the health of the people of Ventura County. We work with and support community-based organizations and health care providers across the County, especially communities with health disparities and reduced access to care. Download brochures: Public Health Services or SERVICIOS DE SALUD PÚBLICA. Click below for our:
  • How do I find Public Health clinics and services? +

    Services and Resources lists our programs and Locations has a map of our program sites. Public Health clinics offer adult and child immunizations, TB skin testing, HIV testing and travel vaccine and education.
  • Where can I get tested for STDs or HIV? +

    Our HIV/AIDS Center provides HIV testing and other services. To schedule a free HIV test at a Public Health clinic, call: 805-981-5221 for a daytime appt. or 805-652-5780 for an evening appt.
  • How do I get immunizations for my child? +

    They are available through our Childhood Immunization Program.
  • Where do I go for family planning services? +

    The Ventura County Health Care Agency's Ambulatory Care Clinics now offer family planning and sexually transmitted infection (STD) screening services.
  • How do I get a travel vaccination? +

    Visit Travel Vaccinations for information on international travel vaccines.
  • How do I find out about or report restaurants with health problems? +

    Contact the County's Environmental Health Department.
  • How do I get a copy of a birth or death certificate? +

    For birth or death certificates from more than two years ago, call the County Clerks office at 654-2263. For births in the past two years, contact our Vital Records Office.
  • Can you help me quit smoking? +

    Our Tobacco Prevention program provides free "Call it Quits" smoking cessation classes and free nicotine replacement products. To enroll or for more information, call our "Call It Quits" hotline at: 805-201-STOP or email us at: Callitquits@ventura.org.
  • How do I find a WIC office (Women, Infants and Children)? +

    Go to our WIC page to get nutritional (food and other supports) help for children less than five years old.
  • How Do I Dispose of Sharps +

    Go to Environmental Health's "Home Generated Sharps" page and download the "Don't Get Stuck with Sharps" flyer.
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