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The Lead Lawsuit Settlement

In July of 2019, after 16 years of vigorous litigation, a settlement was reached between 10 California jurisdictions and three paint manufacturers. ConAgra Grocery Products Co., NL Industries Inc. and Sherwin-Williams Company have agreed to pay into a multimillion-dollar fund to remove toxic lead paint hazards from residential properties. As a result, Healthy Homes Ventura County (HHVC) was created.


Our primary goal is to remediate or remove lead hazards from the interior of privately-owned single-family residential properties built before 1951. Lead paint is the primary source of childhood lead poisoning. HHVC integrates health and safety interventions, lead hazard control, and housing rehabilitation for property owners by coordinating resources in an efficient manner to produce healthy homes. The program's approach will improve the housing for current and future occupants across Ventura County. HHVC funding will also be used for education and outreach activities related to lead abatement.


The services that may be available to qualified homeowners include:

  • Free lead-paint assessment
  • Assistance with cleaning, painting, or remediating lead-based paint **Eligibility considered on a case-by-case basis**
  • Replacing windows, trims, and doors
  • Lead hazard and healthy homes education
  • Other minor repairs


  • Residential properties built before 1951 in Ventura County
  • Single-Family homes  **Apartments/Duplex or commercial buildings are NOT eligible
  • Priority will apply to homes housing a child under 6 years of age or a pregnant woman.

Lead in Housing


During these uncertain times, we hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.  As we continue to accept applications, the application review and process can take longer than 10 business days due to COVID-19. If you have any questions, please email us at: HealthyHomesVC@ventura.org or call 805-981-5228 and we will respond as soon as we can.

Now accepting applicants from the city of Santa Paula

* Before applying, please see steps below:

Step 1. Create an account for Citizen Access

Step 2. Once you have created your account, you can now apply for the lead abatement program

           Access the Healthy Homes Ventura County application by visiting: Citizen Access (Currently accessible on desktop only)

Please allow 7-10 business days to review application


Once your application is submitted, the HHVC team will review the application to determine eligibility. If your house is determined to be eligible the following step will be the scheduling of a free lead-paint assessment of your home. The scheduling of the  inspection will be between the homeowners and a lead paint inspection company. The HHVC team will review the results and inform the homeowner if the house contains high lead levels. If the house contains high lead levels, the following step is a visual inspection of the home by HHVC staff. The HHVC staff will determine the status of the lead source(s), and if remediation is needed. If remediation is needed a contractor will be brought into the home to estimate the scope of the work. A contract and grant agreement will be established between the homeowner, the contractor, and the HHVC staff. Once the agreements are in place, the contractor will begin work on the property. Timelines for each home will vary depending on the scope of the project. Once the contractor is finished with the home, a final inspection will be performed by HHVC staff or a contracted company to ensure the house is deemed lead safe. After passing the final inspection, HHVC staff will provide the homeowner will clearance paperwork documenting the home’s status as lead safe. The abatement process may take up to 3 to 6 months, and vary depending on the needs of the homeowner, HHVC staff, contractors, and other factors.


  • HHVC is revising our referral form for providers. Any questions please email: HealthyHomesVC@ventura.org or call to 805-981-5228.
  • Lead Abatement Flyer


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For more information about Healthy Homes Ventura County

Email Email: HealthyHomesVC@ventura.org

Phone  Main: 805-981-5228

       Fax: 805-658-4505

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