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Adult Immunizations

  • For daily hours of operation and/or notices of special clinic closures, please visit our home page.
  • Para el horario de funcionamiento y/o avisos de cierres especiales, por favor visite nuestra página web.

For more information, please call the Appointment Desk:

805-981-5221 or toll-free: 888-582-5012

If you missed your shots when you were a baby you can catch up today. You may also need protection against Shingles and Pertussis. Adults have social and occupational interactions that place them in jeopardy for many communicable diseases, some of which are preventable with vaccines.

Prices for vaccines vary depending on age and vaccine. For more information, please contact your private medical provider or one of our Public Health Clinics.

You can reach the Immunization Program at 805-981-5211.

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