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Launched in February 2012, the Ventura County Electronic Patient Care Reporting System (VCePCR) is the countywide prehospital documentation system used by all agencies in the county to document assessment and care provided to patients from the time units are dispatched through the time patient care is turned over to hospital personnel in the emergency department.  The system is fully compliant with the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) as well as the California EMS Information System (CEMSIS).  System and agency administrators are able to extract valuable data and information that has the ability to steer important patient care initiatives and system design.  


VCEMS Data Standards and Documentation Guidelines

VCEMS Documentation Guidelines

VCePCR User Guides (NEMSIS v3 - ImageTrend Elite/Elite Field)

California EMS Core Measures

The EMS core measures is a data benchmarking project that began several years ago under the direction of the California EMS Authority.  The purpose of the core measures project is primarily quality improvement through data collection and evaluation.  In measuring key indices from several counties, state and local EMS administrators can begin to benchmark and drive change in system performance, with the ultimate goal of improving system performance and patient care.  The Ventura County EMS Agency has participated in the California EMS core measures project since the first year of data reporting.  Links to the state core measures website, including the annual core measures reports can be found below.

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