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Global Warming and Our Health

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Community action to reduce the impact of global warming on the health and well-being of the people of Ventura County.


Participate in the nationwide public health effort to improve our environment, reduce and roll-back climate change, and reduce waste and pollution to improve the lives of people in our communities.


The World Health Organization (WHO) states, "The science is clear:

The earth is warming, that warming is accelerating, and human actions are responsible. If current warming trends remain uncontrolled, humanity will face more injury, disease and death related to natural disasters and heatwaves; higher rates of foodborne, waterborne, and vector-borne illness; and more premature deaths and disease related to air pollution."

The science about this is "as good as it gets." We don't argue the science here, we use it to help us make improvements in the lives of our communities, and improve our future health and well-being. We also follow the State of California's policy leadership which is taking action on global climate change.

For our children's sake, and our own, we need to find ways to reduce and even roll back the changes occurring around us. Working on global climate change begins at home, with each of us. Our efforts will also reduce waste that is building up in mountains around us, reduce pollution of our air and water, and make our environments healthier places to live, day-to-day.
World Health and Climate Change

Climate change is not some distant thing in time or location. It is here and now, and we need to start changing things so that we can have a better future for ourselves and our children. Visit the World Health Organization's Climate Change page. has a web site devoted to the effects of global climate change on health. They also sponsored a World Health Day devoted to climate change.

The American Public Health Association report "Climate Change: Mastering the Public Health Role" is a guidebook to understanding, and working to reduce, the impact of climate change on our health.

We held a community forum "Global Warming: Our Health in the Balance, What Can We Do?" on Monday April 7, 2008 at the Ventura County Government Center. Download our presentations (these have been updated):

  • Global Warming and Health Summary (Jordan)
  • Global Warming and Public Health (Levin)

Awareness—Analysis—Action: How Can I Get Involved?

Each of us can become a community leader. First we must learn about the issues and problems. Then analyze that information, see what we think about it, what it means to us. Armed with our new knowledge, we can start taking action. Some resources are offered below that can help you become aware of the problems.

In all of this there is also some good news. Most of the things we can do to reduce global warming are also good for us in the short run. Doing things like driving less and walking more, buying fewer products, changing the air filters on our heating systems and using recycled paper also to save us money here and now, and can make us healthier too. We just have to learn new tips for helping the world, our pocketbooks and our health.

See what young people can do at Young Voices for the Planet
What Ventura County and the Public Health Department are Already Doing

The County of Ventura, and your Public Health Department are working to reduce our use of products, the waste they create an save money while doing it. We're using recycled paper and printer cartridges. We're reducing the waste produced when we have lunch meetings, by working with vendors to package lunches so that they use little paper and plastic. The drains in our administration building's parking lot filter out pollutants.

Ventura County Global Warming Initiatives

  • Ventura County Climate Change and Energy Conservation
  • Build It Smart

Resources & Reports

  • Ventura County Farmers' Markets: Buy Local Foods, Reduce Pollution
  • Our Changing Climate (California) [English], OR
  • Nuestro Clima Cambiante [Español]
  • Tips for Saving Energy in the Workplace
  • World Health Organization: Climate Change and Human Health
  • Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change in California
  • Rainforest Facts
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming
  • Images of Global Warming
  • Pew Charitable Trust: "Global Warming Basics"

Other Useful Websites

  • California Climate Change Portal
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Climate and Weather Science
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Natural Disasters and Severe Weather
  • Climate Institute
  • Energy Star
  • Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment
  • United Nations Environmental Program
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Kids Website
  • World Health Organization - Climate Change and Human Health
  • World views of global warming (Contains dramatic images of climate change, glaciers melting, etc.)

About Food: Local Foods Save Money and the Environment too.

  • Eat Local Foods
  • About Food
  • Ventura County Farmers' Markets

About Water

  • Be Water Wise
  • Water Conservation Tips: Save water and save money while doing it.
  • Climate Change and California Agriculture
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