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CHDP Virtual In-Service: Audiometric Screening Workshop
06.16.2021 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Please join us for our CHDP Virtual In-Service: Vision Screening on June 16, 2021


Michelle Santos, PHN, CHDP Nurse Consultant

Stacey Bilic, PHN, CHDP Nurse Consultant


  • Understand elements of hearing

  • Understand the importance of early hearing screening

  • Review the structure, recognize ear disorders and hearing conditions

  • Discuss how to use audiometer and audiogram

  • Demonstrate hearing screening set up, procedure, sample screening and documentation

  • Describe CHDP guidelines for referral and follow-up

  • Learn techniques of Play Audiometry conditioning and screening procedure

  • Produce qualified, competent, certified audiometric screening personnel via attestation or hearing screening practicum

  • Utilize the CHDP Health Assessment Guidelines to provide standards for pediatric health assessments for children served by the CHDP program

To register now, click on above URL! If you have any questions, please call CHDP Admin at 805-981-5291

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