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VCHCC Membership

We are fortunate to have a diverse coalition! In compliance with our HPP Grant requirements, we have a core membership that is representative of the following: (1) Acute Care Facilities, (2) Emergency Medical Services Agency, (3) Emergency Management, and (4) Public Health Department. Additional members include, but are not limited to skilled nursing facilities, clinics, long term care facilities, dialysis centers, educational institutions, blood banks, home health, hospice, and surgical centers.

Current Leadership

Congrats to our newly elected officers:

Kristen Shorts MSN, RN, MICN, CEN, SCRN, PHN
Prehospital Care Coordinator
AHSV Emergency Department

David Clibrey, BSN, RN
Director of Nursing
Pacific Surgery Center

Member at Large
Colonel Julian Bond, US Army (retired)
Veterans Home of California, Ventura

Member at Large
Teresa “Tree” Pavan, BSHS, RN
President/Chief Executive Officer
Livingston Memorial

Voting Members
Votes are predicated on Member Agreement submission. Therefore, votes will be allotted as such: one (1) vote per each facility that completes and signs the member agreement, in full. Voting members are expected to ensure that their vote is representative of the needs of their respective facility. If for any reason a voting member is unable or unwilling to continue to participate, the representative or alternate from the respective facility/agency should identify a replacement and a new member agreement form should be submitted to VCHCC. It is the Chairperson’s responsibility to ensure coalition members and alternates are adequately represented.

Voting Policies
Voting is required for the formal adoption and/or recommendation of strategies, assessments, procedures, and stand-up committees. Voting is not required for routine administrative matters.

As a general rule, formal adoption/recommendation proposals brought before the Coalition shall be made at the subsequent meeting. This is to allow members time to review proposed projects, to inform stakeholders about the project, and collect feedback from interested parties. Interested parties are encouraged to attend meetings at any time to present their support and/or concerns.

The Coalition will operate under Roberts’ Rules of Order. A record of all voting outcomes will be noted in the meeting minutes. Members shall recuse themselves from making a motion on or seconding their own proposal. The vote of the VCHCC may be taken (1) in VCHCC meetings or (2) via an electronic survey platform (i.e., email or survey).


Any member of the coalition can make a recommendation to establish a committee. The coalition member that makes the recommendation for a committee shall nominate a chairperson. All recommendations for proposed committee must be submitted to VCHCC Officers for approval and shall include the following: Name; Committee Type (i.e. Ad Hoc or Standing); Scope, Purpose and Function; Authorities and Responsibilities. Committee proposals will require approval in accordance with the voting policy.

Have an idea for a committee? Click Here to fill out a committee request form.

VCHCC Structure

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