How to get a referral for medical services

Whether you are a current patient of the Ventura County Medical System or looking to connect to a specialist within our network, you should first talk to your primary care provider. We have outlined the process below:

Step 1: Consultation with Your Primary Care Provider (PCP):Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider (PCP) to discuss your health concern. During this consultation:

Describe your symptoms and medical history in detail. 

Express your interest in seeking specialized care. 

Step 2: Evaluation and Recommendation: Your PCP will assess your condition and determine if specialty care is necessary. They may:

Conduct tests or exams to gather additional information. 

Provide recommendations based on your medical needs. 

Step 3: Request for Referral:If your PCP believes specialty care is warranted, they will initiate the referral process:

Request a referral for the specific specialty or specialist. 

Discuss the reasons for the referral with you. 

Step 4: Authorization and Coordination: Once your PCP generates the referral, coordination with the Specilaist’s office begins.

Step 5: Contacting the Specialist: Expect a call from the specialist’s office where you will then:

Schedule an appointment based on your availability. 

Confirm any pre-visit requirements, such as medical records or tests. 

Step 6: Specialist Consultation: Attend your specialist appointment:

Discuss your medical history and current concerns. 

Participate in any required tests or evaluations. 

Step 7: Treatment Plan and Follow-up: The specialist will:

Develop a personalized treatment plan for your condition. 

Communicate the plan to you and your PCP. 

Step 8: Feedback to Your PCP: After your specialist consultation, report back to your PCP:

Share information about your visit and treatment plan. 

Keep your PCP informed about your progress. 

Step 9: Ongoing Communication: Maintain open communication with both your PCP and specialist:

Keep them updated on your health and treatment outcomes. 

Address any concerns or questions promptly.

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