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The Health Care Agency oversees a wide variety of divisions, doing extraordinary things, and I am humbled to be at the helm, where employees continually strive for excellence and innovation.
To that end, we operate by a set of Pillars of Excellence.

  • Financial Stewardship. Our goal is financial stability and being operationally efficient. We strive to achieve that by meeting or exceeding operating budget indicators in each department and developing efficient business processes with a focus on revenue cycle management.
  • Quality & Safety. We display a spirit of service, cooperation and professionalism in personal interactions, whether that be with a patient/client/vendor, and equally important, with one another. We are mindful of our charge in improving the community health status and access to care. This will be accomplished by continuous improvement efforts in achieving high-quality and safety in the care we provide. We believe in transparency and in publically communicating these outcomes.
  • People Engagement. We endeavor to be the employer of choice; to recruit and retain highly competent physicians to meet hospital/patient needs. We will achieve that by creating a values-driven culture that attracts, retains and promotes the best and brightest people, who are committed to our mission and value.
  • Service Experience. Our goal is to treat every customer and co-worker as if he/she is the most important person in our workplace; to model the importance of creating an attitude of gratitude and to respond to inquiries in a timely, effective manner. Our ultimate commitment is to serve with mercy and tenderness.
  • Growth. We encourage innovation and constant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. We have a commitment to achieve consistent net revenue growth to enhance market dominance, sustain infrastructure improvements and support innovative development. Our focus is on the future needs of the community we serve.
  • Community Outreach & Engagement. Ultimately our goal is to be the health system of choice for the community and physicians in Ventura County. Our commitment to value the diversity of all persons and to be respectful and inclusive of everyone is facilitated by engaging and educating the community, to improve the overall health of everyone in our county.

The many needs of the community cannot be met by our system alone, therefore partnerships and collaboration with community organizations, leaders and partners, is a major focus of ours.

We collaborate with diverse community partners to improve access to health care, and provide information that strives to hearten the safety net population that we serve. Primarily, we are proud of the work we do here at the Health Care Agency. I’m certain once you get to know more about us, you too will be proud.

Barry Zimmerman

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