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Court Mandated HIV/AIDS Education

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What we do

We provide Court Mandated Classes pursuant to State legislation (1989, Sections 1001.11 and 1202.6, Title 6 of the penal code). This law requires that people convicted of drug/alcohol or prostitution offenses take a class on basic HIV/AIDS within six months of their probation date or six months from their jail release date. Information includes education on the transmission and prevention of HIV, who is at risk, how the disease is transmitted and the precautions people should take. HIV testing is offered after the class, but is not required.

We have classes in English and Spanish. The English speaking class is on the first Wednesday of each month and the Spanish speaking class is on the third Wednesday of every other month (beginning in January). All classes are held from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Call 805-652-5902 for the class schedule.

Who We Serve

Individuals who have been arrested for:

  • being under the influence/possession of a controlled substance
  • prostitution/solicitation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to sign up? No, just show up to class
  • Do I need to pay fees? NO FEES are paid directly to the Health Department by class participants. All fees are collected by the Courts.

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