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Who is Eligible?

Children and youth may be eligible for the periodic CHDP well-child exams if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Children and youth on Medi-Cal are eligible for periodic CHDP well-child exams up to their 21st birthday.
  • Children and youth determined to be income eligible through the CHDP Gateway can have CHDP Exams until their 19th birthday.

CHDP exam includes:

  • Assessment of oral health, nutrition, development, and TB status as well as education about ways to promote children's health
  • Any needed immunizations
  • Screening for hearing, vision, anemia, urinary problems, and lead poisoning
  • Cholesterol, blood sugar, and sexually transmitted infections

CHDP can offer:

  1. CHDP well-child exams provided by enrolled physicians and clinics throughout Ventura County
  2. Assistance to families in finding health and dental care and low cost health care coverage
  3. Information to families about child health topics such as dental care, nutrition, lead poisoning and anemia
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