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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Providers

  • What is the CHDP Program? +

    The Child Health and Disability Prevention Program was established to assure that all low-income children and youth in California have access to preventive health care services.
  • Where do I apply to become a CHDP Provider? +

    Health Assessment providers apply to the local CHDP program in each local jurisdiction in which they wish to render services. Providers submit the following two documents to apply: - California Child Health and Disability (CHDP) Program Assessment Provider Application (DHCS 4490) - CHDP Health Assessment Provider Program Agreement (DHCS 4491) Enrollment in the CHDP program is accomplished through a partnership between the State Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Branch and the local CHDP program The application process for a health assessment provider includes both facility and medical record reviews.
  • How do I contact the local CHDP Program? +

    Office Phone: (805) 981-5174 Office FAX: (805) 658-4505 Address: 2240 E Gonzales Rd Suite 270 Oxnard, CA 93036 E-mail: chdpadministration@ventura.org
  • How long does it take to process an application? +

    The Computer Media Claims (CMC) Help Desk has 10 days from the date of receipt to process the applications. Provider information on the application must match the provider information on Department of Health Care Services Provider Master File. Submitter information (if applicable) on the application must match the submitter information on Department of Health Care Services Submitter Master File. The application needs original signature(s) on page 4. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned to the provider/submitter for correction. For form completion assistance, call the CMC Help Desk at (916) 636-1100.
  • As a qualified provider, what services do I need to provide for the CHDP population? +

    CHDP health assessment providers must maintain current CHDP enrollment in each county or local jurisdiction in which they render services and agree to provide services according to CHDP program laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and procedures. A complete list of responsibilities can be found in the CHDP Provider Manual.Health Assessment including a dental evaluation and referral, vision and hearing, Immunizations, developmental assessment, laboratory screening tests and appropriate health education/anticipatory guidance.
  • How is my practice reimbursed for the services delivered? +

    Billing is done through CMS 1500 form and PM 160 form. See the online Provider Manual for billing codes and maximum reimbursement rates.
  • What is Medi-Cal Managed Care? +

    Medi-Cal Managed Care provides high quality, accessible and cost-effective health care through managed care delivery systems. The local Medi-Cal Managed Care system is Gold Coast Health Plan (http://goldcoasthealthplan.org/), which is the primary service provider for your CHDP Medi-Cal patients.
  • What does the local CHDP Program provide in the way of support to my practice? +

    The program will assign a Public Health Nurse consultant to assist you during the beginning of the CHDP program. The assistance includes training of staff, access to resources available to the low income child population, ongoing monthly staff in-services, oral health items to facilitate the Brighter Smile.
  • Do I use the private immunization vaccines for the CHDP population? +

    California Vaccines for Children (VFC) (http://eziz.org/vfc/) provides program participation requirements as well as enrollment steps and required forms. All vaccine delivery for CHDP clients will be from the VFC inventory provided by the state of California.
  • What happens to my practice once approval to provide health assessments to CHDP children occurs? +

    Once you pass the initial site and medical record review by the local CHDP program, Gold Coast Health Plan and Vaccines for Children, the CHDP program will monitor your practice every three years with a facility review. We will inform your practice of any new state requirements.
  • Who can apply Flouride Varnish? +

    Clinic staff members who have completed required training are able to apply to children under a physician's order.
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