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Childhood Oral Health Program

What is the CHDP Childhood Oral Health Program?

The CHDP Childhood Oral Health Program is funded by the Tobacco Settlement Program. Our program focuses on achieving good oral health and oral health screening by medical providers. Our staff educates health care professionals, clinic staff, community partners, and families about oral health and methods to prevent disease. Our program promotes the 5 Easy Steps to Oral Health:

1. Brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day

For children under 3 years, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends using a fluoride toothpaste in an amount of no more than a smear or size of a grain of rice. For children 3 to 6 years of age, use a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste.

2. Floss teeth

3. Get fluoride protection

4. Eat healthy snacks

5. Every child should be seen by a dentist regularly every 6 months starting at 1 year of age

Who is eligible?

  • The CHDP Health exam ensures each child in CHDP will receive an oral health assessment at each visit and a routine dental referral starting at 12 months of age.
  • Children under 6 years old are able to receive Fluoride Varnish up to 3 times a year in their doctor's office.

What services do we provide?

For Families:

  • Education and information on resources and services through health fairs, presentations, and other community events.
  • Help finding a dentist near you. The Medi-Cal Dental Program Provider Directory for Ventura County lists dental clinics that provide dental services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries.
  • CHDP Oral Health provides CHDP providers with Fluoride Varnish and toothbrushes.
  • Fluoride Varnish FAQs answers your questions about this valuable application to your child's teeth.

For Providers:

  • Train CHDP Medical Providers how to perform an oral health risk assessment and provide necessary tools and resources.
  • Train CHDP Medical Providers and clinic staff about methods to educate children and families about: 
    • Good oral health care
    • How to apply Fluoride Varnish to children from first tooth eruption to 5 years of age
    • Importance of routine referrals to a dentist by 1 year of age
  • Program collaborates with Ventura County Children's Oral Health Collaborative. The collaborative has released an Oral Health Education Curriculum, "Building Healthy Smiles" for one-to-one or group presentations. To receive training for Building Healthy Smiles and to receive educational supplies, contact our CHDP Administration office.

Find more CHDP Oral Health information at Family Resources or Provider Resources.

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