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Ventura County Cardiac Arrest Survivor Support Program

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Cardiac arrest occurs without warning...

Cardiac arrest is frightening and disorienting, but there are many resources available to survivors and their families and friends. While shock, anger, denial, and sadness are common reactions to this major medical crisis, help is available to you right now!  Family and friends who witnessed or responded to the survivor’s event often experience mental and physical distress symptoms and may require assistance.

We are here to help survivors and families thrive through this traumatic and life-changing event.


Survivor Cover English Click on the thumbnail for more information about this program.

Contact us for resources in Ventura County and meeting details for the support group nearest you.

Puede contactarnos para recibir más información acerca de los programas disponibles y grupos de apoyo más cercanos a usted.

(805) 981-5301

2220 East Gonzales Road
Suite 200
Oxnard, CA 93036

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EMS System Performance

EMS Planning

An ems plan is a document submitted by a Local EMS Agency to the California EMS Authority, in accordance with the California Health and Safety Code, as well as the California Code of Regulations, that outlines numerous aspects or components of a local EMS system.  These components include system organization and management, communications, transportation, education and training, assessments of hospitals and specialty care centers.  The main goal of the EMS plan is to outline current system priorities and capabilities, in addition to developing realistic and achievable objectives for the future through a collaborative process that involves both public and private stakeholders.  The intent of the plan is to provide a clear and organized framework for system oversight and ongoing evaluation.  

Original VCEMS Plan - 2004

Plan Update - 2005 Plan Update - 2006 Plan Update - 2007  Plan Update - 2008
Plan Update - 2009 Plan Update - 2010 Plan Update - 2011 Plan Update - 2012
Plan Update - 2013 Plan Update - 2014 Plan Update - 2015   Plan Update - 2016 
Plan Update - 2017 Plan Update - 2018 Plan Update - 2019   Plan Update - 2020 
 Plan Update - 2021 Plan Update -2022     

EMS System Annual Reports

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
2020 2021  2022    

Ambulance System Contracts: 2021-2024

EOA 1 - Ojai EOA 2 - Santa Paula / Fillmore  EOA 3 - Simi Valley EOA 4 - Thousand Oaks/Moorpark
EOA 5 - Camarillo EOA 6 - Oxnard/Port Hueneme  EOA 7 - Ventura  

Ambulance Compliance Reporting

Ambulance Compliance and Penalty Report Column Definitions
 July 2021  August 2021  September 2021  October 2021  November 2021
 December 2021  January 2022  February 2022  March 2022  April 2022
 May 2022  June 2022  July 2022  August 2022  September 2022
 October 2022  November 2022  December 2022  January 2023  February 2023
March 2023  April 2023  May 2023  June 2023  July 2023
August 2023  September 2023      


EMS System Review 2019 - Click Here

 Information related to the EMS system review that was conducted in 2018/2019.  The findings of this review were compiled into a final report that can also be found by clicking the link above.



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