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Youth and Family Crisis Services

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VCBH provides crisis intervention services in psychiatric emergencies for individuals within Ventura County. Crisis Services are available 24/7 by way of a toll-free hotline (866-998-2243). This service is also utilized by hospitals, law enforcement agencies, schools and other community based organizations. Should an enrolled consumer present with a crisis during their home clinic’s hours of operation, interventions can be provided by clinic-based staff. Crisis services can be addressed via phone or through a face-to-face evaluation. The multi-disciplinary Crisis Team staff provide rapid mental health services that are supportive and strength based in nature and that assist the individual to remain in the least restrictive level of care possible. In cases where the possibility that psychiatric hospitalization may be indicated, a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric detention (a “5150” for adults or a “5585” for youth) can be initiated by qualified staff.

Successful Outcomes:

- Individuals and families are assisted to de-escalate crisis situations, and linkage to needed therapeutic (and other) resources is facilitated. - Services are coordinated with current VCBH provider to best support individuals and ensure continuity of care.

Services and Support:

- The toll free crisis number is the "access" line and "portal of entry" to Ventura County Behavioral Health. The Crisis Team staff manage 2000 phone calls per month, addressing not only crisis matters, but also general information inquiries and requests for services from those seeking to enroll in behavioral health services. -Referrals are individually customized to ensure that appropriate cultural and linguistic needs are accommodated. - Follow-up, outreach, support and linkage to needed services are critical components of the Crisis Team's mission.

To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call 24/7 1-866-998-2243.

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