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Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Program

Recent Study: Want to lose weight? Read nutrition labels.

Rethink Your Drink!
Calorie intake from sugared drinks tripled in the last 30 years. The New England Journal of Medicine states "Sugar-sweetened beverages (soda sweetened with sugar, corn syrup, or other caloric sweeteners and other carbonated and uncarbonated drinks, such as sports and energy drinks) may be the single largest driver of the obesity epidemic." Heavily sugared "coffee drinks" are also part of the problem. Visit the CDC's Rethink Your Drink page to learn how you can help solve this problem for you and your family. Download the Rethink Your Drink brochure.

What We Do

We promote healthy lifestyles. We help people learn to eat more fruits and vegetables, less fat and to become more physically active. We offer a series of six Nutrition Education classes to low income residents who are eligible for Food Stamps (185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines). Food and physical activity demonstrations are part of the classes. We offer classes in a variety of settings including churches, senior centers, family resource centers, Neighborhoods for Learning centers and schools. 
  • You've heard of the "Food Pyramid" chart, visit "My Plate" to find the foods just right for you.
  • Check our Chronic Disease Prevention Programs page for community events and activities you can participate in.
  • Visit "Healthy Ventura County" for more information.
  • The CX3 (Communities of Excellence) report describes the state of our health in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity. It offers ideas on what we can do to make ourselves and our families healthier.
  • Find fresh, locally-grown food at a Farmers' Market.
  • Check WebMD's "Food Frauds" site to learn about foods that masquerade as good for you but are not.

Just one soda a day increases your child's risk of obesity by 60%. Today, 93 million Americans are obese.

Learn More about What You Eat


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44% of the sodium we eat comes from only 10 foods. CDC Vital Signs.

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