Health professionals throughout Ventura County are trained to speak to community groups on nuclear preparedness.
To request a speaker, please email 

Name: Robert Levin, MD
Position: Health Officer
Agency: Ventura County Public Health

Dr. Levin is the Health Officer/Medical Director for Ventura County Public Health. He has served in that capacity for the last thirteen years. Most recently, Dr. Levin wrote a Nuclear Plan which delineates Ventura County's response to a nuclear bomb.
Name: Dan Wall
Position: Emergency Preparedness Office Manager
Agency: Ventura County Emergency Medical Services Agency

Mr. Wall is involved with the designing and planning of emergency response and recovery efforts on the local, state and national level. As a Veteran of the US Army, Mr. Wall has worked in the medical field for more than 20 years and believes " Personal Preparedness is Key in response."

Name: Steve Baker
Position: Hazardous Materials Officer
Agency: Ventura County Fire Protection District

Mr. Baker holds a Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management and has over 100 state and national certifications related to Hazardous Materials, Instructing and WMD response. Prior to his employment with Ventura County Fire, Steve worked in municipal water quality programs, as a chemical engineer.
Name: Maria Sanchez
Position: CEO
Agency: Siempre, Inc.

Ms. Sanchez is the radio and television host of  "The Maria Sanchez Show", programming that focuses on current events, lifestyle, health, and parenting. Additionally, Ms. Sanchez serves and volunteers as the Public Information Officer for the County of Ventura and the American Red Cross.
Name: Eric Boldt
Position: Warning Coordination Meteorologist
Agency: National Weather Service

Mr. Boldt is responsible for the severe weather watch and warning program, which covers a four-county area from Los Angeles County to San Luis Obispo County. Mr. Boldt also serves as the primary contact and outreach coordinator between the NWS and local users of weather services, such as the media, emergency managers, first responders and the general public.
Name: Steve Johnston
Position: Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Agency: Ventura County Emergency Medical Services Agency

Mr. Johnston is involved with training staff on preparedness, drafting response plans, operating the Department Operation Center, and providing outreach to the community on disaster preparedness. Mr. Johnston feels simple preparations and education can  protect ourselves, family and community from natural and man made disasters.
Name: Vaughan Miller
Position: Assistant Chief
Agency: Ventura County Fire Department

Mr. Miller works at the Bureau of Planning and Technology, and is tasked with Training, EMS administration, fire investigations, IT services and mapping. Planning and disaster preparedness are areas of focus for the fire department.
Name: Steve Winter
Position: Battalion Chief - Investigation Unit
Agency: Ventura County Fire Department

Mr. Winter has more than 30 years of experience in front-line involvement in emergency service delivery. He is involved with Federal Incident Management Team assignments on major incidents throughout the western United States and understands the impact of emergencies and disasters on public and service infrastructures.

Name: Fernando Medina
Position: Safety and Disaster Manager
Agency: Ventura County Behavioral Health

Mr. Medina has co-authored emergency preparedness policies for health agencies. He participated in the California Primary Care Association's efforts to address and bring emergency preparedness to Community Health Centers. Mr. Medina is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish.

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