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Mental Health Services ACT (Proposition 63)

MHSA Program Overview
The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) is a voter initiative (Proposition 63) which began collecting a 1% tax on personal income in excess of $1M on January 1, 2005. MHSA funds are distributed to the counties by the State. MHSA funds create new, or complement existing, services and resources, not replace current program funding. Transform the current mental health system from a “fail first” model to one that promotes prevention, early intervention and recovery strategically utilizing the following five components in an integrated manner with existing programs:

Five Components:

1.Community Services and Supports (CSS)

Programs serving individuals with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) or children with serious emotional disturbance (SED). This component receives 80% of ongoing funding and includes 15 programs.

2.Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

Programs providing prevention, early intervention or tertiary prevention services to individuals at risk of mental health challenges. This component receives 20% of ongoing funding and includes 17 programs.

3.Workforce Education and Training

This component has 5 programs and is not supported by ongoing funding, but a single allocation of funds.

4.Capital Facilities and Technologies

This component combines both Captial Facilities and Technology and is a single allocatiuon by the State. There is currently 1 project (Technical Needs Project) supported under this component.


This component supports projects that provide opportunities to try new approaches to services. The number of projects varies and are only implemented for a limited amount of time.

In addition to the above components, there are also MHSA Housing Program funds for capital development and capitalized operating subsidies.

For more detailed information on the above components and programs, please refer to the latest version of the MHSA Reports (see link below).

MHSA Plans

MHSA Fiscal Year 2019-20 Annual Update
Appendix B - VCBH-AOT Evaluation Annual Rinal Report 2018-10-29
Appendix C - RISE Final Evaluation Report July 2018
Appendix D - Fiscal Year 2017-18 Prevention & Early Intervention Evaluation Report
Appendix E - Healing the Soul Evaluation Data
Appendix F - CAATS Annual Data Summary
MHSA Public Comment Card Fiscal Year 2019-20 Update
MHSA Public Comment Card Fiscal Year 2019-20 Update, Spanish

MHSA FY 2018/19 Update
MHSA PEI FY 2016-17 Evaluation Report
MHSA Public Comment Card FY 18-19
MHSA Public Comment Card FY 18-19, Spanish

MHSA FY 16-17 Annual Update and 17-18 to 19-20 Three-Year Plan
MHSA 2015-16 Annual Update
MHSA FY 2014-15 through FY 2016-17 Three-Year Update
MHSA 2014-15 Annual Update
MHSA 2013-14 Annual Update
MHSA 2011-12 Annual Update
MHSA 2010-11 Annual Update
MHSA 2009-10 Annual Update

Community Planning Process (CPP)

The Community Planning Process is in place to ensure that the needs of the community are being met and reflected in programs funded under MHSA. This involves evaluation of current programs as compared to current community needs and alignment with goals of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB).

INN Project:  Conocimiento – Addressing ACEs Through Core Competencies
MHSA Public Comment Card Innovations – Conocimiento – Addressing ACEs Through Core Competencies
MHSA Public Comment Card Innovations – Conocimiento – Addressing ACEs Through Core Competencies – Spanish


INN Project - Suicide Prevention Project - Bartenders as Gatekeepers
MHSA Public Comment Card Innovations - Suicide Prevention Male Adult Project

INN Project - Push Technology Project
MHSA Public Comment Card Innovations - Push Technology Project

INN Project C.A.A.T.S-2016
MHSA Public Comment Card Innovations-CAATS

Community Planning Forum

 July 2017     English Flyer  /  Spanish Flyer

 For more information, please contact: MHSA@ventura.org

Meeting Notice

California Mental Health Service Authority (CalMHSA) - Board of Directors Meeting - April 11, 2018

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