Rehabilitation Therapy Services


VCMC Therapy Services

2189 Eastman Ave., Ventura, CA 93003

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Santa Paula Hospital Therapy Services

570 W. Main St., #9, Santa Paula, CA 93060

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The Ventura County Health Care Agency Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinics associated with Ventura County Medical Center and Santa Paula Hospitals provide superior quality physical, speech, occupational, hand and pediatric therapy. 


Located in Ventura and Santa Paula, these clinics provide advanced, evidence-based physical medicine to allow patients the opportunity to achieve optimal functional recovery.  Highly-skilled therapists provide specialized treatments and patient education designed to address each individual’s functional deficits.  As a supporting member of the Ventura County’s Trauma services, we help provide the continuum of care for successful recovery from accidents, surgeries, illnesses and other physical pathologies and challenges

Clinical Services

The length of each treatment session is based on a patient’s needs and therapeutic goals and the amount of follow-up is based upon the degree of recovery and compliance with the rehabilitation regimen. Some conditions are better treated in a group setting to reinforce the need for compliance and promote independence.  Medical direction for Therapy services are provided by Physiatrists Dr. Nicole Golding and Dr. Daniel Lee.


Each member of the rehabilitation team is licensed by the California State Medical Board.  Staff clinicians possess advanced clinical skills and certifications. These include neurological rehab (Stroke, head injury, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve injuries), orthopedics and post-surgical rehabilitation, pediatrics and developmental follow up, manual therapy, hand therapy, vestibular disorders, and geriatric specialty services. The departmental philosophy of providing advanced evidence based care means that staff therapists are required to attend professional conferences and continuing education coursework as a condition of their employment.


Our clinical staff takes pride in providing patient-centered care, which specifically addresses the functional needs and goals of each patient based upon application of scientific clinical techniques that are delivered with compassion and caring. Some conditions respond to therapeutic intervention better than others, but each and every patient is treated with respect and provided the opportunity to learn how to compensate and overcome their respective disabilities.

Pediatric Services

Ventura County Health Care Agency Rehabilitation Services offers age appropriate physical, occupational, and speech therapies for children from newborn to teenagers. Our staff pediatric therapists work to evaluate the strength, flexibility, reflexes, motor and sensory skills, and functional limitations associated with each child’s disability.


The key to successful Pediatric Rehabilitation is the collaborative work between the Physicians, the child, the family, and community resources to integrate the child into the mainstream and utilize activities of daily living as a therapeutic intervention. Our department assists in coordinating these community resources to provide every opportunity for optimal function.


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