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Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan provides you with copies of materials not available in the VCMC Library. Requests typically arrive within one business day and are forwarded by email, fax, or mail.

Library Search
Medical Journal searches may be requested. The librarian will conduct the search and mail, fax, or have the articles on file for pickup. Forms available. 

Library Committee

Dr. Joseph Esherick, Chair 
Dr. John Fankhauser, Medical Staff Director
Dr. Tom Dunlop, Medical Education 
Dr. Todd Flosi, Medical Staff 
Dr. Eric Leibovitch, Medical Staff
Dr. Javier Romero, Medical Staff 
Dr. Esther Yoon, Resident 
Dr. David Herzog, Technology 
Judith Overmyer, Nursing Administrator 
Kirk Watson, Hospital Administrator 
Janet Parker, Librarian


  • AHFS Drug Information, 2006
  • Red Book 2006 Committee on Infectious Diseases
  • Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 2007
  • The ICU Book, 2007
  • Rosen's Emergency Medicine (3 vol), 2006

Journal Search Hint: Many publishers give full text access to the latest journal edition. If you type in the name of the journal in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, etc., the latest journal edition will be available as well as abstracts from past issues.

Database Research: Up To Date and Md Consult continue to be available throughout the Ventura County Medical Center. First Consult, an additional feature of MD Consult, is now available featuring all medical topics, differential diagnoses, patient information, and reviews for both inpatient and outpatient procedures.

Journals: A complete listing of VCMC medical journal subscriptions is available in the library. A 5-year archive is maintained.

Don't Forget - AUDIO-DIGEST CDs are available for checkout; these monthly subscriptions come in the areas of Family Practice, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine. CME credit.


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