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This page serves as a centralized location for healthcare providers to get information, guidance and updates on Ventura County health issues.


Communicable Disease Reporting - CMR & TB Forms

Medical providers must report all suspected and confirmed reportable communicable disease cases or other unusual diseases to Public Health's Communicable Disease Office.

Patients with newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS or previous diagnosis and relocating to Ventura County should be reported to the HIV/AIDS office at (805) 652-3313. We ask that you contact us as soon as you receive the positive test result so that we may have a staff member there at the time of disclosure.

To file a Communicable Disease report (except for HIV/AIDS), complete and e-mail or FAX the CMR according to the instructions on the first page of the form.

CRE - Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae and Antimicrobial Resistance Order for Reporting

anti imagesAntibiogram Report

Phone Numbers

  • FAX forms to: 805-981-5200
  • To speak with CD staff during normal business hours, call: 805-981-5201
  • For after hour CD reporting, call: 805-656-9432
  • Email: VCPH-ID@ventura.org 

For TB information, visit Tuberculosis Specialty Clinic or call 805-385-9451.

For AIDS information visit our HIV/AIDS Program or report a case of HIV/AIDS, call: 805-652-3313.

Register Immunizations at CA Immunization Registry (CAIR) or by calling: (805) 981-5118 or (800) 578-7889

Providers: Get Smart About Antibiotics!

Antibiotics are becoming ineffective because bacteria are becoming resistant to our defenses. The CDC has launched a campaign to end antibiotic use when viruses are the likely cause of symptoms. Help patients "Get Smart. . .Read the Chart." Teach patients how best to get relief from viral infections. Use the CDC's "Viral Prescription Pad" for patients who have viruses. Watch CDC Commentary: Don't Give In and Give Those Antibiotics!

Click here to learn about Acceptance of Meaningful Use Data in Ventura County

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