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Program Description:

The CalWORKs Behavioral Health Program is a partnership between the Human Services Agency and Ventura County Behavioral Health. This program targets the welfare to work population and works to eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency through behavioral health, drug, and alcohol services.

Services and Supports:

CalWORKs clinicians are trained in evidence based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Triple P, and Seeking Safety. They have also had training and ongoing supervision in neuro-relational intervention in order to intervene with mother-infant dyads during the Dependency Drug Court process. The CalWORKs clinicians provide assessment, counseling, case management, parenting classes, and support linkage to intensive drug and alcohol programs. CalWORKs clinicians are committed to a full collaboration with Employment Specialists and are co-located at Job and Career Centers throughout the County.

Successful Outcomes:

The CalWORKs unique collaborative process seeks to support employment and self-sufficiency through increasing access to and decreasing stigma of mental health services. Furthermore, clinicians seek to build upon a client’s right to self-determination, strength, and resiliency in order to promote wellness and safety for clients and their families.

To access 24/7 support or in case of a mental health emergency please call 1-866-998-2243.

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