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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Programs

Program Description

The Ventura County Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Programs offer a First Offender DUI Program and a Multiple Offender DUI Program for individuals convicted of driving under the influence.  The program consists of education sessions, and group and individual counseling.  Programs are offered in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Ventura and Fillmore.  The program offers day and evening sessions to assist those who work and/or are students.  Client fees are approved by the State and cover the cost for the required program; financial arrangements are available or you may request a financial assessment.

Successful Outcomes

In FY 12/13 The Ventura County DUI Programs served a total combined unduplicated count of 2,837 new enrolled clients.  Of those new enrollments during the fiscal year 2,137 were first offenders and 700 new enrollments were multiple offenders. 

This is significant in that enrollments were level with the prior fiscal year despite a decline in DUI arrests since 2010.  The consistent use of DUI programs is an indicator of the ongoing collaboration and shared concern regarding the enhancement of public safety.

Our programs consist of education, group counseling and ‘face to face’ interventions.  The Ventura County DUI Programs had a total of 76,075 education and group counseling sessions and 30,235 ‘face to face’ interviews for a total attended and billed for service units of 106,310.

Services and Supports

Recognized as a State leader for innovative programming the Ventura County DUI program is one of a handful who utilizes an evidence based program (EBP). “Prime for Life” is the only DUI specific model listed on the State's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration registry.


Implementation has been consistently reviewed and measures with Ventura County  DUI Programs having an external fidelity measures taken and assessed by Prevention Research Institute (PRI) is the research branch of the organization that licenses the EBP used in our programs). PRI scores the Ventura County's DUI programs fidelity as “High.”


In FY 12/13 the DUI program implemented a counseling curriculum called Paradigm Development Model of Treatment.  This curriculum is a blended model from San Diego State University based on Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Both counseling modes are considered best practices for universal populations such as one would find in a DUI setting.  As with our Education curriculum, fidelity to Motivational Interviewing and training for the staff is a key component of our implementation of this EBP.  We have developed and will use an internal fidelity tool during clinical observations to reinforce the curriculum and newly emerging Motivational Interviewing skills in our counseling sessions. 


For over a decade the DUI Program in Ventura County has collected a system wide participant survey to help inform local prevention efforts. The Place of Last Drink survey has long been considered a “best practice” by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Board. The Place of Last Drink survey data is used to  help municipalities determine problematic alcohol outlets, circumstances and factors that contribute to DUI. Likewise the data can be used to help municipalities focus and coordinate efforts which lower impaired driving incidents and ultimately save lives. 


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The following brochures provide more information about DUI Programs.

Choose Your Ride - English/Spanish

DUI Cost Poster

DUI Cost Poster - Spanish

DUI Check Point - English/Spanish

Plan Ur Nite Poster

DUI Program Frequently Asked Questions - English

DUI Program Frequently Asked Questions - Spanish

DUI Program First Offender - English/Spanish

DUI Program Multiple Offender - English/Spanish

DUI Program Financial Assessment - English

DUI Program Financial Assessment - Spanish


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