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Program Description


The ADP Youth Services program provides a broad range of services for alcohol and drug-related problems which include prevention services, assessment, treatment, crisis intervention and referral services to youth and family.  Our programs are county-wide, with clinics located in Oxnard, Ventura, Simi Valley and Fillmore.  Services consist of school programs, specialty court programs, and clinics serving the general community.  The school based programs are at Pacific High School, Frontier High School, and the Gateway Recovery Classroom. Referrals to our programs come through families, school counselors, teachers, community-based organizations, mental health providers, and probation.

Youth Services programs use an evidence-based treatment curriculum.  This is not a 12-step program, but rather an intensive outpatient model for youth with alcohol and other drug-related problems.  Our evidence-based treatment curriculum is a research and scientifically based curriculum for working with adolescents.


Our curriculum consists of individual, group and family sessions, and parent and youth substance use education groups.  The primary goal of the curriculum is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by alcohol and other drug use through treatment and education, with an emphasis on relapse prevention.


Prevention services are designed to prevent alcohol and drug-related community problems using environmental and community change approaches. For more information on prevention efforts, visit ADP Prevention Programs.

Services and Supports


This program offers services at our clinics in Oxnard, Ventura, Simi Valley and Fillmore; standard program for 12-17 years of age, transitional-age youth program 18-21 years of age; 3-9 month program; ten or less in a group; two groups per week, 1-1/2 hour sessions; confidential treatment services; individual and group counseling; family counseling; drug test and dr-medical reimbursed. 



Youth Services 

Concerned About Your Teen? Handout - English

Concerned About Your Teen? Handout - Spanish


For more information on ADP Youth Services, call (805) 981-9200.



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