Spay and Neuter Clinics

Pet overpopulation is a very sad, expensive, and troubling fact. An average of 10 million pets are destroyed each year at our nation's shelters. Public opinion disregards this statistic again and again. For example, the thought that allowing your pet to have a litter of pups or kittens to show your children the wonder of life hides the related fact: the horror of senseless, preventable death. Just one female dog or cat, in its lifetime, has the capability of producing tens of thousands of other animals as each generation also reproduces. There just aren't enough good, loving and responsible homes.


By surgically sterilizing your pet, you immediately gain these benefits:

  • Reduced license fees for altered animals: save $55.00 per year per pet.
  • Roaming and aggressiveness will decrease markedly (don't worry, your male dog will NOT turn into a wimp!)
  • Walking a female dog in heat as compared to a spayed dog could convince anyone of the calmer demeanor that spaying provides.
  • Staining and spraying are eliminated or reduced.
  • Your pet will be healthier because certain cancers and infections are much less likely to occur.
  • You won't have to find homes for offspring.

Contact your local veterinarian or a low cost clinics below to schedule your appointment today.  

Mercy Crusade Spay & Neuter Clinic

Valley Vet Non-Profit 

Humane Society of Ventura County


If you think pet sterilization is too expensive, we can help! The restrictions below are detailed. No Exceptions.

If you:

  • Live in the unincorporated area or a city other than Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks or Oxnard AND
  • Your dog is currently licensed AND
  • The veterinarian's practice where the procedure will take place is in Ventura County AND
  • The sterilization operation has not been performed yet
Dependant on the size, weight and gender we will pay between $40 - $65 towards your dog’s sterilization bill. This 'voucher' absolutely, positively, MUST be picked up and in hand prior to performance of the procedure. Vouchers are available at either the Camarillo Shelter or the East County Holding Facility or by calling (805) 388-4341 option 6.

Size Male Female
up to 30 lbs $40.00 $55.00
31 to 60 lbs $50.00 $60.00
61 lbs and over $65.00 $65.00

All dog owners must show proof of a valid Ventura County licensing and a current rabies vaccination. Go to licensing page.

We now offer cat vouchers ... we will pay $20 towards the sterilization bill.

Cats do not require a license except in the cities of Moorpark and Oxnard.

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