Senior Dogs for Senior People


The following is a list of *Seniors for Seniors* dogs available for adoption at the Ventura County Animal Services Department.   More information may be available by clicking the photo of the animal.

Senior animals have a hard time getting adopted. About 20-30% of the dogs and cats that come through the Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) shelter in Camarillo are five years or older. We encourage the senior community to think about their animal contemporaries when choosing their next pet.

Although everyone likes to shape the life of a young pet, giving a second chance to an older animal can be equally rewarding. Older pets have plenty to offer adopters - not the least of which is love. Adult animals often already know how to live harmoniously with humans and other animals. They are usually trained and don't chew or scratch on everything in sight. Older dogs also often come with some obedience training. They like to share quite moments and their relatively calm demeanor and less intense exercise needs make them perfect for a senior's lifestyle. Another plus to adopting a senior animal is that you get what you see. The mature size of the animal is already known when you look at him/her and you will usually know about any behavior challenges or health considerations before the adoption. In other words, there are no surprises with a senior animal.

To encourage the adoption of more senior animals at the Camarillo Shelter, VCAS is offering an adoption discount fee for Seniors, 55 years and older, who adopt a senior animal from our shelter. The regular $125 adoption price will be reduced to $75 and will still include the cost of spay/neutering the animal, licensing, a microchip implant, rabies shot, a certificate for a free vet exam at the vet of your choice, and 6 free dog obedience lessons if you are adopting a canine. To qualify for the program, the senior must show proof of age and reside in Ventura County. A list of "Senior Animals" will be posted at the Camarillo Shelter daily. Senior animals will also be identified on our website, with the notation "Eligible for Senior for Senior Adoption" next to their picture.

Give a second chance to a fellow senior. You'll both be better off for it.

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