Dog Licenses

If you live in the county of Ventura, and inside our area of service, you must purchase an animal license AND have your animal vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. This vaccination must be updated every one to three years (depending on the type of vaccine). Your county shelters do not vaccinate animals, but we do provide low-cost 'clinics' throughout the county (see below). A team of Licensing Inspectors canvasses throughout the County to ensure compliance with State and Local licensing and rabies vaccination requirements.

How Do I License My Pet?

You can get a license for your pet several ways. First, you will need to obtain a rabies certificate valid for a twelve (12) or thirty-six (36) month period and a certificate of sterility (if applicable). Please only submit copies of certificates since nothing will be returned. Next, you can download an animal license application using the link provided below. The application can be mailed or brought into the shelter to be processed. The license fees are as follows:

  • $20.00 per year - Altered animal with certificate of sterility over the age of four (4) months.
  • $75.00 per year- Unaltered animal over the age of four (4) months. 

Note: Penalty License Applies 30 Days After Due Date Plus 100%

Download a PDF license application to complete and mail or bring into the Camarillo Shelter.

To License Your Pet Online - Click Here

We have facilities in Camarillo and Simi Valley to serve you. Click on Shelter Information for location and hours of service.

Many local veterinarians throughtout Ventura County also sell our licenses. You may bring the information directly to them and they will be able to issue a tag for your pet. Check with your local veterinarian to see if they sell Ventura County licenses.


Download locations that sell dog and cat licenses in your city.

I Received An Interim or Temporary License, What Do I Do?

Often our Department will issue Interim or temporary licenses for various reasons. Many are issued due to lack of information on the certificate, no rabies information on file or rabies vaccine will expire soon. If you have received an Interim license this is what we need:

  • A rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian valid for a twelve (12) or thirty-six (36) month period.
  • If your animal has had a rabies vaccine and it is valid for a twelve month period, then a copy of the rabies certificate is needed.
  • If your animal's vaccine will expire within a twelve (12) month period, it is recommended to revaccinate your animal.

If you have any questions regarding licensing please give call our Licensing Department at (805) 388-4341 or 1-888-223-PETS - Option 5


Our service area includes most of incorporated and all of the unincorporated areas of Ventura County with the following exceptions:

  • If you live within the city limits of Thousand Oaks, you must call Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control (Agoura shelter) at 818-991-0071 for all assistance and services.
  • If you live within the city limits of Santa Paula, you must call Santa Paula Animal Control, a division of the Police Department, at 805-933-4287 for all animal services except the reporting of biting animals.
  • If you live within the city limits of Oxnard, you must call Oxnard Animal Safety, a division of the Police Department, at 805-385-7640 for all services and complaints except the reporting of animal bites.
  • If you live within the city limits of Moorpark and wish to report nuisance animals, leash law violations, or code violations you should contact the Animal and Vector Control Division at 805-517-6267 for service during regular business hours.

Animal licenses are sold by the agencies that handle animal control with the exception of the City of Moorpark. If you live in the areas mentioned above, please call your local animal control agency, police department, or city hall or follow the links above for license fees and requirements.

Licensing / Vaccination Requirements

4411: License tag requirements.

Every person who owns, harbors, or keeps any dog over the age of four (4) months for thirty (30) days or longer shall obtain a current license and license tag issued under the provisions of this Code and stamped with the year in which such license was issued. The license tag obtained shall be attached to a substantial collar or harness that shall be worn by the dog at all times except as provided in Section 4411-1. Every person who violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of an infraction. Any dog found without a current license tag or for which there is no current license may be taken up and impounded by the Poundmaster or any peace officer. (Am. Ord. 2717--9/11/73) (Am. Ord. 3187--4/20/76) (Am. Ord. 3244--12/21/76) (Am. Ord. 3390--8/15/78)

4451: Rabies vaccination required.

Every person owning, harboring, or keeping a dog, shall within thirty (30) days after such dog obtains the age of four (4) months, cause it to be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian with a vaccine of a type approved by the State Department of Health and listed in Section 2606.4 of Title 17 of the California Administrative Code as being suitable for use in declared rabies areas. Every person who violates the provisions of this Section is guilty of a misdemeanor/infraction. (Am. Ord. 3187--4/20/76)


Altering (surgical sterilization) of your animal will save you $55.00 per year in license fees. For more information on the advantages of surgical sterilization, check out Spay and neutering... Facts and fiction

The Spay & Neuter Voucher Program

Any animal that is unaltered and has a valid Ventura County license is eligible for a spay and neuter voucher. All vouchers are vaild at participating veterinarians throughtout Ventura County (excludes cities of Santa Paula, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks). The voucher programs allows you to receive money off your spay and neuter surgery using the veterinarian of your choice. The values of the voucher are dependant on the weight and gender of your dog. The values are listed below:

  • Cats - $20.00 (no weight limit)
  • Small Dogs (Up to 30lbs.)  Male - $40.00  Female - $55.00
  • Medium Dogs (31 to 60lbs.) Male - $50.00  Female - $60.00
  • Large Dogs (61lbs. and Over) Male - 65.00  Female - $65.00

Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic

Health Care Agency
2323 Knoll Drive
Ventura, CA 93003
Ambulatory Care-Medical Clinics
2323 Knoll Drive 
Ventura, CA 93003
Behavioral Health
1911 Williams Drive
Oxnard, CA 93036
Public Health
2240 E. Gonzales Road
Oxnard, CA 93036
Santa Paula Hospital
825 N. Tenth Street
Santa Paula, CA 93061
Ventura County Medical Center
3291 Loma Vista Road
Ventura, CA 93003
HCA Human Resources
2323 Knoll Drive 
Ventura, CA 93003
Ventura County Health Care Plan
2220 E. Gonzales Road
Suite 210 B

Oxnard, CA 93036