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Adult Intensive Services (EPICS)

Program Description:

Empowering Partners through Integrative Community Services (EPICS) provides comprehensive, intensive, “whatever it takes” services for those consumers with intensive needs who most frequently utilize higher levels of care (inpatient hospitalization and other locked settings, or residential treatment placements), who are at high risk to require those levels of care without intervention, and who have been historically underserved in the mental health system due to a variety of barriers that make access to traditional services challenging.

Successful Outcomes:

EPICS serves up to 80 individuals who would otherwise struggle to manage their mental health needs in the community. Their efforts are aimed at assisting consumers who are returning to the community after treatment in long-term locked and/or structured treatment programs, or short-term acute hospitalizations, and serve to ensure that these individuals are successful as they re-engage with community living and service systems.

Services and Supports:

The EPICS program offers intensive case management services, individual and group therapy, and intensive psychiatric and medication services. All services are offered at the location most convenient for the consumer, and are largely field-based, the psychiatrist is also able to serve individuals at their place of residence as needed. The entire team is trained and is structured to deliver services in alignment with an Evidence-Based Practice models: The Assertive Community Treatment model of delivering flexible, comprehensive and team-oriented services.

To access mental health services, or for immediate help, please call 24/7 1-866-998-2243.

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